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Jul 14, 2012 10:00am EDT
continue to see taliban just holding afghanistan by its throat. >> all right. let us know what you think. follow me on twitter at... from afghanistan to london. >> the summer olympics begins later this month with historical importance for women's participation. the u.s. olympic team has more women than men for the first time since the games began. the u.s. has 269 women on its roster, and 261 men. and every country sending athletes to the olympics will be sending female athletes. including sawed sawed. which has not allowed women to compete in international sporting events. the middle eastern country will send two women following intense international pressure. they will compete in judo and track and field. so is this a good development for women? >> title 9. title 9. >> what about but in other --. >> absolutely. and the fact that the saudis will be sending someone is a concern because the one athlete they had got injured but they found two other women participating. soy think this is major progress. and you know, the olympics were late in terms of apartheid in south african we are
Jul 8, 2012 9:30am EDT
. >> dr. lupski invisions a day when more doctors and research hospitals regularly use dna sequencing. rapidly developing technology is already driving down the cost and time needed to sequence gene samples. >> by its very nature medicine tends to be conservative. i think back when i was in medical school, and cat scans were just introduced into some of clinical practice many physicians would still do a skull series, when a person had head trauma. which most of the time those x-rays were useless compared to what you could visualize with individual cat scans but in the beginning they were more expensive technologies they took time and the physicians were not used to how to interpret the data. i think we'll see some of that with dna sequencing. they become more familiar with it and more doctors are ordering dna sequencing tests even non-geneticists when they find in their specialty they can diagnose the different conditions when the gene is found by ordering the tests. but this will take time to transition. >> it will also take time to incorporate the latest research into clinical medic
Jul 20, 2012 7:30pm EDT
, then the use of information to close the global gender gap. behind the headlines, meghan mccain makes waves. hello i'm bonnie erbe welcome to the contrary a discussion of news and social trends from diverse perspectives. up first, moms in the c suite. yahoo!'s new c.e.o. marissa mayer is touted as the latest poster child in the work life juggle debate. the 37-year-old new hire is head of a fortune 500 company in need of a turn around is also six months pregnant. she is the first woman hired as a fortune 500 while she and her board knew she was pregnant and one of 20 fortune 500 female c.e.o.s. she plans to work through the maternity leave. whether having it all which is never applied to male c.e.o.s, is an outmoded concept. sam, does marissa mayer's hire prove that it is having it all is an outmoded concept? >> no man is ever asked whether he can have it all. if it doesn't apply to a man it doesn't apply to a woman. >> well, i think having it all requires sacrifices whether it's personal or professional sacrifices on whoever whether it is a c.e.o. or not. >> having it all is part of l
Jul 1, 2012 9:30am EDT
health insurance and the prior preexisting conditions insurers used included things like having had a baby by c section or having been a survivor of intimate domestic violence. a full range of healthcare services that women need are going to be covered by the health plans. >> the court termed the individual mandate requiring every american to have healthcare coverage or pay a penalty a tax. so the justices cannot rule on the constitutionality of new taxes until they are levied. this could lead to a rehearing by the supreme court on so-called obama-care again as late as 2015. >> i think a healthcare reform is always a work in progress. i think we have solidified the gains that we made with the affordable care act. in the immediate term, i think that we'll see votes in congress in an effort to repeal the law. i don't think that that is going to happen. i think we'll see healthcare reform as a topic in the election. but what we have in place now is a firm foundation for moving forward to make sure that everyone particularly including women, have affordable and strong coverage. >> so debr
Jul 28, 2012 11:30am PDT
of this and needs to bring it to the table because it could save lives. >> let us know what you think. please follow me on twitter @bonnie erbe or @to the tea. from the politics of gun control to more women in congress. >> almost 300 women have filed to run for u.s house seats this election season, and with 20 states yet to hold primary elections, we're on track to shatter the record of women running for seats in the general election. women are not running for the u.s. senate in record breaking numbers but so far, 36 women have filed, with 23 still in t running. north dakota senate candidate heidi heitcamp says to expect more women in the senate in the next session. >> i would expect more women in the senate. >> heitcamp's race for north dakota's open senate seat is a statistical tie. the state, which tends to swing republican, stands to vote in a female senator, and a democrat. she is running because she wants to affect change in washington. -- and represent the people of this country and i think that is why i'm in the race as i have been talking to people across the country an
Jul 20, 2012 5:30pm EDT
, does it? - i'll make us a coffee. - no, leave it ten minutes. - vicki'll just moan. - wonder what we can do in ten minutes. my bed's on its last legs since i met you. - that's you and your gut. - gut?! what gut?! - this one! - and what about your gut? it must be a rubbish bed, then. - that cost 30 quid! - get a new one. your whole room's horrible. the rug stinks, - the ceiling's filthy... - you should know, you look at it enough. - you're corrupting me. - no, you're corrupting me. but imagine how nice it'd be if we cleared it and painted it? we could do it together. i've virtually moved in, anyway. - you're doing that woman thing. - what?! saying something and meaning something else. - i ain't with you. - you want to move in, right? wouldn't be so bad, would it? don't get all moody on me. it'll be trips down the retail park next. i ain't into that. - i thought we were serious. - we are. zoe, i think you're great, but... the whole domestic scene just doesn't rattle my cage. i'm gonna skip the coffee. feeling sorry for yourself? ( humming ) oh... you're gonna use that china? yeah, it's
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)